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Friday, October 06, 2006


I'm so excited because this is the month of Halloween! I love Halloween! It's one of the best holidays in the year after Christmas! In Halloween I usually don't get a costume. I just dress up in normal clothes and go around with my friends. Sometimes kind people even give us some candy! On Halloween there are lots of people like our age that also wear normal clothes and just hang out. Last year me and my friends bought some flour and then we started throwing it to each other and everyone also started buying flour and throwing it around. It was almost a flour war! In Halloween, lots of the people go to the Piñango which is a street and there is like a little store that is very small but is a successs on Halloween day. There they sell lots of candies to give out, they also have flour to buy and little things called "triki-traki". They sell strips full of triki traki in that little store. Triki Trakis are like little round things that look like spheres but they are very small, about the size of a pea. You then put them in the floor and with your shoe you rub they make really tiny explosions. Overall, they are cool! There are also some things called Chispitas Mariposas. They are like little sticks that when you light them, throw a bunch of sparkles around but they are not harmful. I don't know of any accidents that have happened with these. If you take the stick and start drawing in the air stuff like if that was a pencil it almost looks like the words or the drawing appeared in the air for a short time.

I think that when you go out in Halloween wether you have a costume or not or you are just hanging out with your friends you need to be very careful. Some bad people take advantage of this time of the year when everyone is like happy and having parties and thinking about the fun and the candies to kidnap people. I know of some cases that this has happened. Specially to kids that are alone (I don't know why some kids go out alone, that takes all the fun of Halloween out!!). When I go out with my friends, we are always like a big bunch of people so nothing has happened to us. Where I live it is a very safe area so I don't worry much about it but anywere it's good to be aware of what could happen. Also some weird people in this time of the year buy animals like black cats or dogs or any pets and do strange stuff with them. I know it's weird but I know some cases in my city were this has happened. It is very scary. Another problem in Halloween is that some adults give the candy to little kids and kids recieve them like any other treat in Halloween but sometimes this candies are already rotten or maybe they have bad stuff inside so it's better to check first what you're eating.

I am looking forward very eagerly until Halloween. It's just a couple of weeks away. It is a very exciting time of the year because you usually go out with your friends, make a mess, and have lots of fun! That's why I think Halloween is one of the best times of the year and I also think it is super cool!


Blogger Paulina A. said...

Your writting made me think that we should go together for some candies in Halloween night. I love Halloween too!!!

7:06 PM  
Blogger Pau I said...

Woo! Let's go!!! xD

11:04 PM  
Blogger [[ ~..Susy R!..~ ]] said...

hello pau..I am totaly agree with you.. Halloween is super fun! I also love hanging out with my friends, and you are so right about what some bad people take advantage in that year, thats why you should be careful!!.. I love telling Trikki.Trikki because I always stared to laught an inventing things.. well got to go..bye see ya later!..♥-->sUsY<--♥RT

9:58 PM  

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